In the processing industries, bulk bags are now seen as a key resource for bringing about reduced costs, increased efficiency and safe packaging of a huge range of products. Let’s take a look at why.

Driving down the cost of packaging

One large bag is a lot cheaper than a lot of smaller sacks. It’s as simple as that. Not only is one bulk bag cheaper than the equivalent storage volume of smaller sacks, but the cost reductions carry on down the process line. The bulk bags are cheaper to move and more likely to be reusable. Another major cost reduction is that bulk bags often mean that the business doesn’t need pallets.

Of course, in terms of raising worker productivity, it’s much more efficient for an operator to fill one big bag than lots of small sacks.

What about safety and hygiene for food and drugs?

The use of bulk bags for industrial packaging has grown so much that they’re now available in customised versions to maintain product quality. The pharmaceutical and food industries, for example, have to adhere to EU and UK safety standards. Food-grade bulk bags are clinically sterile to maintain compliance with the required quality and hygiene regulations.

The certification for a food grade bulk bag means that the bag has been made in a clean room environment to avoid any possible contamination. The bags are then checked against the relevant safety standards.

Can they be used for hazardous substances?

The UN sets stringent standards for industrial packaging to be used for hazardous substances. UN certified bulk bags are produced by providers of specialist bulk packaging. The bags are designed to safely transport potentially hazardous materials.

Greener and less wasteful packaging

Sacks are not very strong and pallets tend to get damaged or even broken once goods start being transported. This is wasteful and costs companies money. Bulk bags are a lot stronger, even though they are carrying heavier loads. They are also less likely to spill their contents than sacks.

Even large volume sacks are not usually designed to be used over and over again. However, bulk bags can be used multiple times. Obviously, the number of reuse times depends on what the bag has carried, and how it has been filled and lifted.

Anti-static bulk bags

When they are being filled, bulk bags gain a static charge. However, if the substance to be carried is flammable or will be used in a potentially explosive environment, the bag must be static-free. Specialist anti-static bulk bags ensure that no sparks are caused in hazardous environments.

Baffle bags

Also known as Q-bags, these are a solution that saves space. Bulk bags naturally bulge when they are filled, but when space is very tight, a business may need bags that stand up straight and keep their shape. This means that more filled bags can be fitted into a smaller space.

Bulk bags are developing into a truly flexible and economical solution for storage of large amounts of material, including food, drugs, and even hazardous materials.


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