Barrow Bags & Sacks For Logs

Our Log Storage Bags can be easily loaded onto a sack truck for easy storage and delivery of logs

  • Open Top with lid and 2 x ties
  • Safe Working Load: 500kg
  • Flat Base
  • Made from White Fabric
  • 4 x 25cm Lifting Loops
  • 1 x Tipping Handle On Base
  • Unprinted
  • Barrow Bag Customisation: Printing options available

Enjoy free delivery service with our barrow bag minimum order quantity of 10.

Barrow Bag’s versatility extends to professional and domestic use, offering an efficient solution for landscapers, gardeners, and homeowners alike.

Its durability and practicality make it an indispensable tool for a wide range of applications.

Unlike regular 1-tonne bulk bags that require a forklift to move when filled, the Barrow Bag can be moved by one person if the contents are lightweight since it’s smaller.

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