For businesses that transport dry goods, including food, chemicals, pharmaceutical or agricultural products, there are a number of options available to you including drums, Gaylord boxes and heavy sacks. None of these, however, are as practical or cost-effective as bulk bags, which can actually help you improve your business efficiency.

Bulk bags are available for all business needs

Bulk bags used by builders’ merchants to transport gravel or sand are often the first thing people think of when it comes to bulk bags. This is just one of their many uses, however. Bulk bags can be specially designed for transporting food and pharmaceuticals, helping keep them free from contaminants because they are produced in sterile environments. Anti-static bags are designed for use near flammable liquids or explosive material. Baffle bulk bags allow you to maximise the volume of goods you can transport. PVC bags can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions, There are even bulk bags for transporting hazardous waste. This means that, whatever your business needs, there will be a bag for you. As bags can be used for multiple purposes, you are less likely to have to buy multiple types of packaging in smaller quantities, which can be costly.

Meeting legislation

When you are transporting hazardous substances in the EU, you will need to meet UN regulations and The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). These state that the industrial packaging used must have been rigorously tested against what is known as the orange book. By using an ADR bulk bag, you can guarantee you meet these requirements, reducing the likelihood of delays when transporting goods.

Reduced costs

Storing and transporting dry goods can be expensive, but it is less so if you use bulk bags, which are estimated to be 30% cheaper than sacks because they are easier to stack, meaning you use less space in your warehouse, and because they cost less to buy. Additionally, bulk bags can be reused multiple times, so you don’t need to keep buying more industrial packaging. Reusing bulk bags has the added advantage of reducing harm to the environment, something which more and more companies are starting to focus on, as government legislation requires them to reduce their carbon footprint to meet greenhouse gas targets.

Time saving

Filling and handling bulk bags takes less time than other options, such as sacks, meaning your staff save time and you save money as a result. The time saved can be used to complete other tasks, making your business more efficient. Because bags tend to hold their shape more than sacks, they are easier to load onto trucks and transport.

Less waste

When you transport goods with sacks, Gaylord boxes, or drums, there is a possibility of goods being spilt or leaking from the packaging. This possibility is significantly reduced when you use bulk bags, as they have been designed specifically to transport heavy loads and are extremely durable. Bags specifically designed to transport certain types of goods, e.g. food, mean there is less likelihood of their spoiling as well, reducing the amount of product you lose in the journey from your warehouse to your customer.

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