All of us are now looking at how we can decrease our plastic intake and how we can recycle more of our packaging at home and in the workplace. We are pleased to say that the packaging we supply here at d.a.pak can be recycled.

Our list below shows each packaging product which can be recycled;

Bulk Bags – Yes, your bulk bags can be recycled! Bulk bags are made from the widely recycled material, polypropylene. Bulk bags need to be grouped into 3 x different ‘types’ in order to be recycled. These types are;

Grade A – clean, bright white fabric with coloured stitching and handles
Grade B – Not as clean, a duller white fabric with minimal stitching
Grade C  Dirty or coloured bags

Once the bags are grouped they need to be baled ready for collection from a recognised bulk bag recycling centre, the bags are then sorted, cleaned, melted down and produced into pellets to begin the life cycle again as a new plastic product. This cycle can be repeated many times as polypropylene is safe to recycle multiple times.

Bulk bags can also be made at a 6:1 safety factor, this means they can be safely used multiple times. Rather than a standard bulk bags being made only for single use (safety factor 5:1). Using multi trip bulks bags is a more eco-friendly option, with the bags still being able to be recycled after their multiple uses.

WPP Sacks– WPP sacks can be recycled! They are made from the same material as bulk bags, polypropylene. Known for their strength and durability, once a WPP sack has been used multiple times it can then be recycled. Just like bulk bags, they will need to be sorted and baled for collection  from a recognised bulk bag recycling centre.

BOPP Bags – Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene is also recyclable! The BOPP lamination is applied to a WPP bag to allow high quality printing; however this does not stop the packaging from being recycled.

Have you thought about using Bulk Bags instead of WPP sacks?
Using a bulk bag instead of multiple WPP sacks will decrease your loading time and save you money. 
40 x  25kg WPP sacks will need to be used to carry 1 tonne of product or you can use a single one tonne bulk bag.


Stretch Wrap – Pallet stretch wrap can be recycled due to being made from LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polythene), which is identified under Recycling Group 4. This wrap is accepted at carrier bag recycling points.

Paper Sacks – Our paper sacks suppliers use FSC certified paper, and the sacks are suitable for recycling. However, please ensure that your paper sacks do not include a foil/plastic liner when they are taken for recycling. If you paper sacks have plastic handles, they will need to be removed and placed separately.

Cardboard – Our cardboard suppliers use FSC certified paper to create our cardboard products. Cardboard is a widely recycled product which can be recycled in your kerbside collection.

For more details on what you can recycle locally in your area, click here;

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