In this blog I will write about what you can do with your leftover cardboard boxes from Christmas, if you’re just throwing away your cardboard boxes away you’re really missing out on its hidden potential, not only it is a great way to recycle, there are quite a few creative uses for cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes don’t lose its usefulness when you’re done with it, apart from recycling cardboard, you can use this material to create dozens of practical things that you can use around your home, office and on the go.

Probably the most important one is moving from one place to another, you see it all the time in films when one character is moving away they seem to always have cardboard boxes.

Going Green – Recycling bin: why spend more money on recyclable containers? When you can just use a recyclable cardboard box and just put your entire throwable recycling in it Grab a big cardboard box, label appropriately, and truly go green.

Recycled cardboard is now used as the main building material in temporary emergency housing camps.

Oil spill mat: this can be very handy as you can use the cardboard to catch oil drips before they have a chance to stain the floor all you have to do is a broken-down cardboard box provides two layers of hassle-free protection.

Our cardboard boxes are constructed from to ply’s of paper which in turn sandwich together a fluted sheet. These are then glued which gives the construction unique strength, rigidity and insulation properties which other packaging can’t achieve.

At D.A Pak we are able to stock & distribute products on a next day basis if necessary, of you have any questions about our packaging products please contact us on 01335 344215.

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