A relatively new company from Singapore is searching far and wide to help firms around the world make their packaging more environmentally-friendly.

Greenpac, which was founded in 2002, specialises in the design and re-engineering of innovative ‘green’ packaging solutions and is constantly searching for new ideas and materials to help it achieve this aim.

The award-winning company has grown into a multi-million dollar business in a short space of time, under the direction of its CEO, Susan Chong.

It has already provided packaging solutions to a wide range of clients, including some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 firms, across a variety of industries. It has helped a number of companies in the technology, defence, aviation and pharmaceuticals sectors to find better packaging solutions.

The firm’s services cover everything from programme management to professional packing, warehousing and contract packing, and it has stated that its mission is to help improve the sustainability of industrial packaging around the world.

CEO, Susan Chong, is herself dedicated to spreading the word about sustainability, believing that being able to meet present needs without taking away future capabilities is an aim worth fighting for.

She decided to set up her business after being shocked at the amount of waste produced by various packages she came across – and believing that she could do something about it.

The experts at her company will help re-engineer a firm’s industrial packaging process in the greenest way possible, using innovative and imaginative methods to not only achieve more environmentally-friendly packaging but also create significant cost savings – without compromising on the protective abilities and performance required to meet each firm’s packaging directives.

The innovative firm believes in creating less waste as well as using fewer resources. Where possible, resources are, of course, from sustainable materials. This leads to tangible benefits for both the company and the planet.

For example, Greenpac recently helped a company change the packaging required for a heavy medical instrument from a wooden crate to a carton box. This enabled the total package to weigh less than 30kg, meaning it could be transported at much less cost than originally.

Greenpac doesn’t just help with industrial packaging – it also came up with a new and innovative way of transporting live fish overseas, which means that even if damage occurs to the packing during transit, the fish will arrive alive and swimming.

A forward-thinking firm, Greenpac is constantly looking for new technology and ideas to increase its sustainable offering. The firm is also hoping to expand into the international market as soon as is feasible.

Suitably, the Singapore firm’s dedication to the environment and innovation has already been recognised with several awards. The company came fourth in the 2008 Enterprise 50 Award and has won the Asia Star Award, WorldStar Packaging Award and Singapore Packaging Star Award for the innovation and quality of its packaging.

The company is certainly one that practises what it preaches – the Greenpac factory premises in Singapore are considered zero-energy, with solar panels installed on the roof providing all the electricity the company needs.

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