Living in Britain there is no avoiding the wet weather but for many, constant rain and heavy spells can put their property at a flood risk. Whether it’s due to global warming or a change of climate Britain seems to be suffering from a higher risk of floods than ever before. Sand bags are a quick and cheap solution to prevent flood water from entering the home, workplace or any other buildings.

Traditionally sand bags had been made out of hessian but are more commonly made out of polypropylene which is non-biodegradable making it even more resistant to flood waters. The ideal weight of a bag is around 18kg and it’s important not to overfill as the bag will not have enough give and create gaps in the barricade.

Sand is very coarse material and as such it does not allow water to pass through it. Although we often think of sand absorbing water, this is simply not true. As the sand gets wetter it becomes heavier which makes it great for weighing down items as well as creating a sturdy wall which won’t drift off with the current.

By creating a wall or pyramid with sandbags it is possible to divert the flow of water away from small areas such as doorways especially when teamed up with a large sheet of plastic. The good news is that sand bags can be put together easily by anyone, although it is a time-consuming job.

Here at d.a.pak we manufacture a large array of Polypropylene bags that are perfect for using as sand bags in a variety of sizes. If you are considering buying unfilled sandbags in order to be prepared for flood prevention services then please get in touch with us today.

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