The Objectives

Packaging and its labelling are not just useful for their decorative and alluring properties. They also have many functional and important purposes, providing solutions for a number of objectives that I shall be going into more detail about below.

General Protection

Firstly imaging; one of the most obvious purposes is that items and food placed in packaging will need protecting from a number of factors including but not limited to compression, mechanical shock, temperature, electrostatic discharge, and bacteria.

Protective Barrier

Some packaging will contain substances like silica gel or oxygen absorbers to induce or sustain a state of dryness to aid in the extension of shelf lives. Modified or controlled atmospheres are also used especially in food packaging to maintain the safeness, sterility, freshness and cleanliness of the item during its shelf life.

Large Quantity Containment

Smaller items will generally need to be packaged together in a collection rather than a singular and is normally down to the case of it being easier and more efficient to handle and store as a mass quantity than individual items. In most cases, this will apply to powders, liquids, and granular materials then need to be enclosed.

Convenience and Portion Management

Packaging with added convenience features can aid with making the display, use, sale, handling, stacking, dispensing, opening, recycling, distribution and disposal easier. Portion controlled packaging can also add convenience for the end user separating large merchandise into packets for example in handy sizes for individual use can be an advantage and aid in inventory control.

Vital Information

Lastly but in no way least the labelling is one of the most important and useful factors of packaging and can communicate how to use, recycle, transport or dispose of the packaging or product itself conveying such things as usage dates, warnings, storage and allergy information as well as using lot or serial numbers used for tracing/tracking purposes.

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