Digital Revolution

With digital printing being so diverse, it’s captured the attention of retailers, brand owners, and packaging converters around the world by creating opportunities to engage consumers on a local, personal, or even emotional level. Mintel believes 2016 will be the pivotal year for digital printing as brands and converters begin to capitalise on digital printing’s speed-to-market pluses for mainstream packaging.

Show me the goods

With the growing number of packaging manufacturers competing for shoppers’ attention, consumers are demanding more information about what they are buying but seeking less on-pack clutter that confuses their purchasing decisions. Clear information about ingredients, functional product attributes, or even convenience and safety must be shown with total transparency. Looking ahead, the concepts of clean labelling and clear on-pack communication are set to converge.

More than “just” green packaging

As brands are searching for environmentally responsible packaging options, consumers are putting their faith into brands to do right by doing good to the Earth. The difficulty is that while consumers want it all, they generally aren’t willing to pay more to get it, and even basic recycling is too difficult for many. But two key initiatives are beginning to arise: a focus on alternative package material sources, and catering to the 63% of U.S. consumers who’ve stated that reusable and repurposable packaging is a key purchasing driver. Going forward, brands cannot afford to ignore this “ecologically friendly” purchasing driver as they develop their brand positioning and marketing strategies.

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