In our industry, a bag is definitely not ‘just a bag’. Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) come in various forms and it’s important that all are tested so your product can be transported and stored safely without any loss of product.
Some industries will use FIBCs to transport hazardous materials and for this reason, it is important that all our Bulk Bags are tested to better understand the limits of the containers.

FIBC Drop Test

The container is filled with a material similar to the one that will be used in reality, filled to 95% of its capacity and then dropped onto a rigid surface to resemble its transportation platform. Depending on its classification the bag is then dropped from a height of 3.9 feet or 2.6 feet. In order for it to succeed and pass this test – the bag should lose none of its contents.

Lift Testing

Top: In order to test how well the bags hold their weight, they are filled to 6 times their maximum permissible load and are lifted off the ground from the top and held in place for at least 5 minutes. In order to pass this test, the bulk bags must have no permanent contortion.

Bottom: The FIBC is only filled to 1.25imes its maximum load capacity and is lifted by a forklift truck in all positions. The lift is then lowered and raised twice.

Tear Test

To ensure that your product is kept safe even with minor damage to the bag all containers are given a tear test where a 4-inch knife cut is made at a 45-degree angle. The bag is then filled to 2 times the maximum load capacity and lifted and held in place for 5 minutes.
For the test to be passed the cut shouldn’t expand more than 1 inch during the test.
Whatever your needs we can cater for all the exacting requirements your Industry and product demand so that your product reaches its destination cost effectively, intact, with reduced labour and handling. You can rest assured knowing that our Bulk Bags/ FIBC have gone through vigorous tests.

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