As winter is coming, did you know that our woven polypropylene bags are fantastic for use as coal sacks and firewood log bags?

These wonderful bags are ideal for storing logs as they are lightweight and breathable, allowing logs to dry out if they do get damp and reduce the risk of mould and discolouration. The woven nature of this material makes them strong and tear resistant so you can carry and move around the bags with ease without causing damage to the product or bag. We are able to supply much larger netted bulk bags with the latest Mosquito Netted Fabric for ultimate ventilation.

With many homeowners hankering after a traditional wood burner, the market sector for tinder and logs has boomed. In relation to this, the bulk bag industry has responded by meeting the demands of the manufacturers by developing more technology and making printable bags.

WPP bags are fantastic for transporting and storing coal as they don’t create a mess whilst they are moving around in the back of a car so they are great for customers to pick up and take away.

No matter what you needs, we can meet your requirements. We stock a variety of sizes, lined and unlined and what’s more is that we are also able to print on your designs so that you can match your brand.

Remember to get your supply of coal sacks and log bags in time for winter in order to move your products to where it has to go.

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