As our knowledge of global warming, consumerism and pollution grows, we are more aware of trying to reduce our carbon emissions and use renewable energy to strive to become a green economy. Over the centuries our food production has changed dramatically from small local farming to mass producers and now it must respond to new demands to be greener.

A key component of calculating food production energy expenditure is food miles which the term is given to the distance the food is transported from its production to when it reaches the consumer.

For many people who take an active approach in reducing their food miles buying local is one of the greatest things you can do to reduce their individual food print. Though even this can be a difficult task, as not everything that appears to be local has just come from point A, to point B. It may have travelled around a few depots before ending up in store.

Our main role during this process is to make sure that the food is transported safely and securely from production to its destination. We provide a variety of packaging options such as heavy duty bulk bags, polyethene sacks, polypropylene sacks as well as cardboard boxes.

All food grade FIBC’s are manufactured using ultrasonic cutting machines to prevent loose threads and heat sealing cutting units preventing contamination. As well as being produced in a clean room, our food grade bags will never let you down during transportation so you can rest assured that you have no other factors affecting your food mile.

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