What’s so great about large bulk bags? Erm, the question is what isn’t?! Bulk bags, tote bags, or FIBC’s (flexible intermediate bulk containers), are industrial containers made from woven polypropene fabric that can be used in countless applications, which is the main reason they are so popular.

Bulk Bags are chiefly used for a variety of carry goods, with weights as low as 250kg up to 2000kg.

Although there is disagreement on exactly where FIBCs were first made and used, they have definitely been employed for a variety of packaging purposes since the 1940s.

Bulk bags were first manufactured from PVC rubber and generally utilised within the rubber industry for the transportation of carbon black to be used as a reinforcing agent in a variety of rubber products. It was at the end of the 19th century when a German scientist, Hans von Pechmann, discovered a waxy residue at the bottom of his test tube. With the development of polypropylene and the advances in weaving, bulk bags as we know them today were first made.

The nature of polypropene fabric allows the container to be very flexible, making it easy to be stored when not in use. It is quite remarkable how many things can be and are carried in bulk bags. They are used in so many industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, food and building, to name but a few!

Every industry and product have its own requirement. Here at Dapak we can cater for all the exacting requirements your industry and product demand so that your product reaches its destination cost effectively, intact, with reduced labour and handling. For example with our food grade bulk bags, we know that any packaging in this sector must be manufactured under the approved guidelines of either AIB Hygiene, BRC Hygiene with ISO:9001:2008 and ISO:22000 HACCP Certificates, so we make sure they are. All of these specific Bulk Bags are manufactured in State of Art Hygiene Rooms where the air flow is controlled and all employees are trained to the very highest of standards.

We supply many industries leading companies with packaging solutions. Our friendly knowledgeable staff will help you to get your bespoke bulk bag packaging delivered to you ready to use with your products in no time at all.

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